Monday, October 31, 2011

Shopping List

Without a lot of "back story", since I think it'll be clear as I write, let's just start with this statement of fact: General anesthesia slows "things" down.

6 days post-op, committed to resolving this issue, I sent my friend Dawn to the store with a shopping list. The list read: prune juice, bran cereal, suppositories. She was ready to go, and just as she was leaving, I noticed that my little weather-reader outside my kitchen window was malfunctioning. I fiddled with it, determined it was a battery issue, and added "AAA batteries" to the list.

Well. She came home a half-hour later and said, "THAT was embarrassing!" As she told me about going through the line with these four items, we laughed our heads off! Imagine what the checker was thinking! "Ummmm...I get the first three items, but WHERE do the batteries fit in? Is there something I don't know???" Needless to say, Posse-girl Dawn was glad she's not from here.

This picture reminds me of that Sesame Street game: "One of these things is not like the other." Anyway, I'm having some ups and downs today with this coumadin thing (got more shots today--level's still not right), but I did want to blog something funny. Laugh with me?


Lorie Ann Grover said...

Laughing. Do you hear me down here?

Stu said...

So funny, yet so not funny. That "slowing down" business is the pits! I went two weeks...TWO WEEKS when I was newly pregnant with Eli. I feel your pain...Try Natural Calm if that prune juice doesn't kick in. They sell it at Fred Meyer in the Natural Foods dept.

ol' Ned said...