Monday, October 24, 2011

It takes a Posse

This is me with the Posse Leader, my middle daughter, Megan. This pic was taken 4 days after surgery.

On Tuesday, October 18th, this child of mine stuck to me like glue. She drove me to the hospital and sat next to me as I was introduced to the pre-op process. This process included, but was not limited to, getting my nose swabbed 4 times to prevent mersa, donning very fashionable compression tights, getting a blood-thinning shot in my belly, AND the much anticipated shot of blue dye into each breast up in the "nuke med" wing of the hospital. (which, may I add, was NOT painful, so quit yer cringing!)

Our pastor came back to the pre-op room and prayed for me/us. My sweet child was a trooper, and finally it was time for me to get wheeled up to the OR. Megan then returned to the waiting room where some more posse members were waiting. I was taken back for surgery about an hour late, 1:30pm. The cute anesthesiologist started me with versed which he promised would give me a "buzz." Next thing I knew, I was being wheeled to the recovery room at 3:30. It's a strange feeling, waking up from surgery. My mind felt weird: "Wait-where-am-i-oh-i-am-still-alive-i-wonder-how-it-went-and-i-want-to-see-my-people."

I was in the recovery room a little longer than expected due to a blood-pressure dip. I was in my room by 7PM. What a day!

Knowing that my posse was waiting, praying, worrying made ALL the difference. It was a long day, and they hung out all day long, checking the hi-tech reader board which tracked my progress. Dr. F came out with the news that it went well and that he was 95% sure that the cancer had not spread.

It's now Monday, 6 days later. I head in to the doc today to get the pathology report. There's more to write about the last 6 days, but I'll save it, lest this post get too long. Have I thanked you for lifting me up? THANK YOU!


ol' Ned said...

The most encouraging thing is that my prayers uttered on the east coast reached the Throne and were effective in you on the west coast! Praise God!

Julie said...

Very nice pic of you and Megan! You look awesome by this pic I would never guess you had surgery 6 days ago, keep up the healing your in my thoughts and prayers!

Martha said...

You're in my daily thoughts and prayers. Rejoicing with the progress you're making, continuing to pray for every detail large and small.