Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bring a Pair, Say a Prayer

I had some girlfriends over today. It was self-serving.
I told them that since I am choosing not to have reconstructive surgery at this time, I needed their help in finding "replacements." (Or as my one friend calls them: "substitits.") So, their ticket in my door was to bring me a pair of something. Anything. (I, personally, am partial to pumpkins.)

I've learned that it's important to laugh. Tears are fine and they certainly serve their purpose. (Did you SEE that last Harry Potter movie?) But for the most part, I'd rather laugh.

And laugh we did! Among the "pairs" that I received were hand-crafted, double-D rice krispie treats, complete with chocolate kiss nipples...two VERY mighty, very "pendulous" summer squash...two brass knockers (get it?) and a pair of very red, very round tomato pincushions! (Have I mentioned that my friends are amazing AND creative?) We ate and chatted, laughed and prayed, and it was so perfect.

My sweet dad died from prostate cancer in 1998. One of his least favorite parts of having cancer was when people would look at him with what he called "cancer face." The look says it all: "Oh, you poor thing, I feel SO bad for you, it must be awful, how sad." Yeah, I don't like it either. So, next time you see me, wipe off the cancer face and picture me with pumpkins. Let's laugh together!


Jodi Gillaspie said...

Christie...just wanted to are one amazing you......and praying for you

julie said...

i love laughin with you and look forward to many years of laughs!!

Dawn said...

Laughing. Out. Loud. Sometimes laughing is the most courageous thing you can do. God laughs. He laughs when people make plans. He laughs when people plot and rage against him. His plan will always be accomplished. That's why, aligned with Him, we can laugh in the face of anything. Save a Rice Krispie, er, treat for me!

christie said...

I think, Dawn, that the are actually called "rice krispie teats."

Anonymous said...

Where's the "like" button ?? Actually, *love* :I love your creative friends and your party theme! I love that you're choosing to laugh.
Continuing to pray for "strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow."