Friday, October 14, 2011



Today I had my pre-op. I am now officially "braceleted."
It was an hour-long Q&A plus bloodwork which resulted in me being just a little closer to realizing that I really DO have breast cancer.

Actually, the "severity of my condition" hit me at two points in this process. The first was when Dr. F said the word "invasive." That word took my breath away. it sounded so...ummm...invasive.

At my first meeting with Dr. F, where he used the word "invasive," there were four people in the room. Dr. F, myself, my middle daughter, and Donna. Donna is a Very Kind Soul who is the breast cancer liason between the hospital, me, and my doc. She handed me a bag full of literature. When I got home, I dumped it on my bed. Shaking out the bag, the last thing to hit the bed was......drumroll, please......a PINK BRACELET.

THAT's when it really hit me.

I really DO have breast cancer.
When baseball players use pink bats and football players have pink-ribbon stickers on their helmets and people walk 60 miles in 3's for people like ME.
I might lose my hair.
I might lose my boobs.
I might die.

Okay, well, so we ALL die. I take that one back.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Pre-Op. So. Now they have my blood type, since they tell me I might need blood. They now know that I'm not allergic to any meds or latex or avocados (yep, they asked me!). They know that there is a high likelihood that I will take a valium on the morning of my surgery, especially since I cannot have coffee that morning.

I'm ready. Now, can we please fast-forward to a week from now when I am (in my ever-hopeful world) WELL on the way to a full, speedy recovery?

Stay tuned. There'll be at least one more post before surgery. I'm already working on it.


Jennie said...

Still praying for you, the kiddos, the doctors - everyone involved. God has His hand on you.

Anonymous said...

Prayers, hugs and loves to you my dear.....!

Dawn said...

Leaning on and looking to the One who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all we can ask or think...

ol' Ned said...

Do you like roller coasters? You get to the top, look forward, throw up your hands, scream at the top of your lungs, and baaam! The ride is over. But between the top and the "rides-over" bit, it scares the sh... out of you! And you get up out of your seat, check to see if you wet your pants and WALK proudly down to your friends who all congratulate you for your incredible bravery.

I'm praying like crazy for you as you chug up to the top on Tuesday!

Love you so much!

christie said...

Ned: I do not. I officially do NOT like roller-coasters!. But...after reading your analogy, I like them a little more. What I don't like (and this is true to your analogy) is that uphill, clickety-clack part...because I'm thinking: "Sh&*: what goes up, MUST come down!" But---you are right! When it's over, as mine will be a mere 4 days from now, I will emerge bigger. Yes, I might pee my pants in the process, but HAH. Who cares when urine good company, right? :-)

Rhonda said...

Hugs,prayers and lots of love coming at you girl!!!

P.S. You and Ned had me laughing out loud:)

ol' Ned said...

Christie, and urine definitely good company--His and His servants'!