Saturday, November 5, 2011

By My Side

Let me introduce you to three amigas. There have been LOTS of women who have stepped in and stepped up to make this craziness bearable.These three have gone above and beyond the call of duty. On the left is Gayleen. She spent that first night with me at the hospital. She also spent the first couple nights at home with me, getting up in the night for potty breaks and to administer meds. She has a heart of gold. And now she is teaching me how to get my range of motion back. I value her more than words can say.

In the middle is Posse Girl Dawn. She flew all the way from Minnesota to care for me. She was there on day 3 when I tanked. She sweated while helping me put on my compression tights (another prepared!). She cleaned my house and fed my cat. She showed great patience, actually all summer long. We have logged approximately 469 phone hours in the last three months. I love her.

On the right is LorieAnn. She has accompanied me to many doctor visits, waited many hours in waiting rooms. She was there for the ultrasound as well as the MRI-guided biopsy. She watched the drains getting pulled out of me and has beheld Dr. F in action, pulling excess fluid out of my side. We have laughed together in the worst of times. She is a good shot-giver and she reminds me to not forsake the emotional healing that needs to take place. Her friendship is priceless.

These three women represent a total of 35 years of relationship. We have poured into each other's lives in deep and meaningful ways. They have lifted me up from the depths, and I will always be grateful. I only hope I can be as good a friend as they have been should the opportunity arise. Thank you, Gayleen, Dawn and Lorie. Your selflessness humbles me.


Dawn said...

I am one of MANY whose lives have been enriched just knowing you. Your friendship has been one of the highlights of my life--evidence of the intimate involvement of our lavish God. Whether laughing til we cry or crying til we laugh, celebrating or sorrowing,I will be an honest heart you can depend on; a faithful friend. I love you right back.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Thank you for such dear, sweet words, my friend.

We are humbled, honored, and blessed to help. You have always been that friend to us! You are priceless, m'dear. With my love, xox